Kendall & Bryan: reverse wedding

Kendall & Bryan: reverse wedding

May 31,st 2014 was the kind of day that all brides (and grooms) dream of for their wedding.  Sunny Carolina blue sky, low humidity and the temperature was perfect.  Ahhh.....if only every wedding could have weather like this!

It was also the day that Kendall and Bryan had been planning for over a year.  I first met this wonderful couple nearly a year ago at the Forever Bridal show.  They approached me during the show and, after talking with them for only a few minutes,  I knew, probably before they did, that I would end up photographing their wedding.  I fell in love with this couple and was looking forward to working with them on their wedding day.

Kendall and Bryan tied the knot at Jones Chapel on the campus of Meredith College.  Their reception took place at The Matthews House in Cary.  The highlight of the evening had to be the balloon release.  So if there were any UFO sightings over Cary on May 31st, well, now you know.

I present to you some of the images from their wedding day presented in the opposite order of what I normally do...that is I thought it would be fun to show you the ending first, hence the name of this post.


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